Choosing and Using Self Storage Units

Having a safe and secure unit to store your belongings is a very important part of relocating your items or decluttering your home. It’s also essential to efficiently use the space in your unit. Use the following guidelines to choose and use a self storage unit.

When checking out self storage units, it’s favorable to overestimate the amount of space you will need. This will keep you from having to rent another storage unit later on. It will also help you pack your items in a way that prevents damage to them. Some storage rental companies offer to pick up items as part of renting a unit. Others will charge extra fees for gaining access after normal business hours. Ensure that you ask about all the fees involved in renting a storage unit. You can often get a discount on monthly rental fees by signing a contract for a specific period of time such as six months or one year. Ask the storage facility if rental includes a lock and extermination packet. This can further save you money.

When you start to load your belongings into a storage unit, make sure you put the items you will use most frequently in the front. There should be a path down the middle of the containers and boxes so you can easily reach your items. It helps to draw a diagram showing where all the items are or where groups of items are. For instance, you can put all your household goods in one corner and your clothing in another corner. The heavier items should be on the bottom of stacks. To make use of vertical space, build stacks in a pyramid. As you get closer to the top, the containers and boxes should have lighter items. Know which items you can store in your unit. There have been weird items found in self storage. Ensure that you only store what is legal and permitted by the rental company.

Selecting and using self storage units will help you have peace of mind knowing your items are secure. For more information, talk to local storage rental companies about the various options available. Do this before you need a storage unit so you won’t be rushed to pick one.

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