Self Storage FAQ’s To Help You Identify A Good Unit For Yourself

When people buy homes with lots of space, it generally is not for storing unwanted or unused items. Yet, that is exactly what happens in most cases. When they run out of space, and are still accumulating stuff, they find they will have to rely on storage units. For such a utility, people seek out self-storage units, as they are generally more convenient and less pricey than movers’ storage. This article will focus on answering some of the self storage frequently asked questions and why it is more advantageous to use them. These are answers to some of the self storage FAQ’s.

  • Some people may need a self storage unit for short term use, as little as one month at times. You can find a self-storage unit that will allow you the option to rent a space for a month versus having to do a lease.
  • When you are going to need a unit beyond a month, you will need to sign a lease agreement. In the lease agreement, the stipulations of what can be stored and what is illegal to keep in your storage unit will be gone over. It is automatic that you will not be able to store any hazardous substances. Nor can you store poisons or food.
  • People wonder about the security at self-storage units. Since the units are self-service, chances are that there will not be any on site security to monitor the place. Most likely, the place will be monitored by closed circuit cameras or some other security measure. A good self-storage unit also will have high tech alarms, electrically charged most times.
  • The question often comes up as to whether or not a self storage facility will offer locks. Usually, you can purchase locks at the facility for a nominal fee, or you can bring your own. No one else will have a key to your unit (unless you provide them with one).
  • People also inquire about utility carts, hand trucks and other moving accessories to help them. These are usually provided by the self-storage facility. If the facility does not offer such, you can often rent one very inexpensively or purchase one at a hardware store.
  • Some people want to be able to use large moving vans or even tractor trailers to transport their stored goods. It is a good idea to check with the particular storage facility to find out if there is space to do such.


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