Self Storage Johannesburg

Considerations for Self Storage in Johannesburg

Self storage units in South Africa are utilized by many of its citizens and visitors. Whether storing for a week or several months, storage units will keep personal items safe and out of the weather. Some people may also need self storage in the country and the surrounding areas because they are moving but unsure of the amount of space in the new home, so they store their large items. Others need space for a short time while construction is occurring at their home or while visiting for a few months. Regardless of the reason, self storage units are available in the area for unlimited time frames.



All storage units in the Johannesburg area are monitored by security 24/7. Every unit is locked with keys given only to owner who signs the contract. This ensures the safety and security of customers’ personal items. With proper security, customers do not have to worry about visiting the unit to find their things missing. However, even with constant security, owners can of course access their units at all times. With the code and key, owners can add or remove things from their self storage units at any time of day or night. This makes self storage units convenient for any situation.

One of the first things to consider when looking for self storage Johannesburg is how much space will be required. There are storage options as small as covered spaces for a vehicle or as large as fully enclosed units to fit furniture and household items. Some of the larger units come with equipment for loading and unloading items from a truck or trailer into the storage unit (and back out). This is a nice addition for anyone storing heavy items such as furniture. It is always wise to choose a size larger rather than too small if unsure of the amount of necessary space for self storage Johannesburg or the surrounding areas. There is no harm in having extra space but if something does not fit in the unit there is no way to expand the area. Renting another unit or upgrading and moving everything again can end up costing more money and a lot more trouble than choosing the larger size in the first place. Determining the size necessary will also impact the cost of the storage unit.

Most of the smaller options such as cloth covered vehicle spaces have the same self storage Johannesburg prices. However, for larger units self storage Gauteng may differ slightly in price from self storage Joburg or Johannesburg. Look for the most convenient area in South Africa and then compare prices. Of course the size of the unit will ultimately determine the cost. Also consider the options such as loading and unloading equipment that may be included in the price. This equipment is certainly handy and often recommended but the companies offering it will likely charge a little more for the service.

Considering how secure self storage units are in South Africa, there should be no concern when trying to decide where to store large items or basic household overflow. Always remember to choose the size carefully and go with the larger option if the amount of space needed is not quite determined. Then, consider the pricing and options for different self storage facilities in the area. Choose one that is conveniently located and that offers the best price, ideally with loading and unloading equipment included, and the most space to fit any needs. It is not uncommon for customers to rent a small unit to store just a few items and soon find themselves needing more space.

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