How to Pack and Place Your Belongings for Your Self Storage Unit

If you are trying to de-clutter your home or simply want to store some of your household goods during a relocation, consider renting a self storage unit for your possessions. This will allow you to keep your items until you need them or want to put them in your home again. Putting your stuff in storage can be stressful if you don’t plan accordingly. Use the following guidelines to pack your items and store them in your rental unit.

Start planning the use of your self storage unit as soon as you can. This will allow you to productively use your time and packing supplies. Go from room to room, and decide which items you want to store. Make a list, so you won’t become disorganized during this job. Remember to write down items that require extra consideration such as fragile or sensitive items. Goods that can’t easily be packed will also need extra attention, so they can be placed into storage without damage. Approximate how many boxes or containers you will need for your movable items.

When you start packing your items, place the heavier or sturdier effects on bottom. Fragile or sensitive items can go on top or should be placed in their own boxes. Breakable items should have the correct cushioning to prevent damage. After packing all your items, label at least three sides of each box with a permanent marker. If you don’t want to write on your boxes, affix labels to them. These labels should have an adhesive that is water resistant. Items that you won’t pack can be stored in empty spaces such as vacant drawers or the interior of an empty appliance. This will protect them from damage during the move to storage.

When filling your storage Johannesburg unit, it’s important to create a pathway down the middle for easy accessibility to your items. Draw a diagram detailing the location of all boxes before you fill your storage unit. You can make alterations to this drawing as you proceed with your storage. To make use of vertical storage space and provide stacks with extra support, construct stacks against walls and in the corners of your storage unit.

By using these tips, you can efficiently use your storage unit. You can also implement home storage ideas to maximize the space in your home. This will enable you to safely store your items until you are ready to use them or put them in your new home. Careful consideration and attention to this process prevents the need to replace usable items. It also helps prevent destruction of possessions with sentimental value.

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