Organisational Skills: How to pack your Self Storage Unit

Self storage units have become part of everyone’s lives, whether you use it to store your extra belongings or whether you are facing a personal change. There are currently more than 60 000 self storage units worldwide, and about 9.5 percent

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Tips for Choosing a Self Storage Company

Many homes do not have enough space, leading to overstuffed closets and garages that are too full for the car. This is why many people make the wise choice to rent self storage units. These units allow them the space

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We Can Learn Much From The Growth of Self Storage

The growth of self storage businesses that cater to both individuals and businesses is something that has literally exploded in the past few years. Storage facilities were once the domain of moving companies that stored away furnishings and boxes until

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What are the Most Common Items in Storage Facilities?

When a closet or attic become too packed with belongings, self storage is a great option. Whether a person needs to store large items or small, there are generally storage facilities to accommodate their every need. These facilities can allow

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How to Pack and Place Your Belongings for Your Self Storage Unit

If you are trying to de-clutter your home or simply want to store some of your household goods during a relocation, consider renting a self storage unit for your possessions. This will allow you to keep your items until you

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Benefits Of Renting A Self Storage Unit

When you begin to accumulate more things than you have room for in your home, it can be a problem. As children get older, and grow out of their toys, clothes, and furniture, many people do not want to throw

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Self Storage FAQ’s To Help You Identify A Good Unit For Yourself

When people buy homes with lots of space, it generally is not for storing unwanted or unused items. Yet, that is exactly what happens in most cases. When they run out of space, and are still accumulating stuff, they find

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How Storage Facilities are Used through Self Storage Facts

self storage facts

Americans own a lot of stuff, sometimes they own so much stuff that they don’t have room for it in their homes. When that happens, what isn’t donated or given away to someone else, most people rent a storage unit

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Choosing and Using Self Storage Units

Having a safe and secure unit to store your belongings is a very important part of relocating your items or decluttering your home. It’s also essential to efficiently use the space in your unit. Use the following guidelines to choose

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