Organisational Skills: How to pack your Self Storage Unit

Self storage units have become part of everyone’s lives, whether you use it to store your extra belongings or whether you are facing a personal change. There are currently more than 60 000 self storage units worldwide, and about 9.5 percent of American families currently utilise this service. So suddenly you realise you are also in need of this commonplace service. So where to start? Obviously you pick a reputable service provider, and you start throwing things into boxes and off you go. Not so fast, there are much more to think about when using a self storage unit. What about when you pack all your winter clothes into the boxes and you need a jersey urgently? Do you go through everything, even if it’s stacked at the bottom? Or you suddenly get invited to go hiking, but all your hiking equipment are scattered across the unit?

That’s why it’s important to tackle self storage organisation slowly and methodically. So what are the key points to keep in mind? Here are 5 crucial, yet simple tips that will save you time and effort in the long run:

  1. Same-size boxes

Think about the storage unit as a tetris game, the better the boxes ‘fit’ the more boxes you can put into a smaller space. Hence, it is advisable to try at least to use the same size boxes for most (if not all) your belongings. This will save you space, but also help with accessibility in the future.

  1. Identify those items you will most likely use whilst in storage

There will most probably be an assortment of things within your storage unit. Try and identify the items that you are most likely to use in the future such as seasonal clothes and or important documents.  And remember to place these boxes in the front for easy accessibility.

  1. Label each box

And by label it doesn’t mean just with a permanent marker on the top of the box. No, label the boxes on the side as well; stating clearly the contents as well as from which room it came from.

  1. Master content list

A master list consists of a document stating which items are in which box. You can even do this digitally, creating a simple list on excel with box number and contents.  You might think, why go through the trouble? Well, you enter your unit, and the boots you are looking for is in a box at the back left bottom, but you don’t have a list stating clearly where they are packed. So now you have to go through all the boxes in one extravagant treasure hunt.

  1. Map

You have your master list, but where to find box number 33. A map of your unit will come in handy. You need you boots, you know it’s in box number 33, and with a map you will know that box number 33 is top right at the back. Saves you time and effort!

So next time you think you might need to make use of a self storage unit, keep these tips in mind. It will take some extra time upfront, but the frustration with trying to find something in a unit might make you lose your mind. So put in some extra time now, to save a lot later!

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